Sexy Stuff To Give Your Boyfriend On Valentines

by CocteauBoy

Sexy Stuff To Give Your Boyfriend On Valentines

Whether all of us admit it or not, men consider sexy all the time. This is a fact that can not be overemphasized one bit. So to get this coming Valentine’s Day sexier; it is good to gift your man something that would appeal to his sexy cravings. Ladies get your wallets and purses ready because this time you are the one to blow your man’s mind away. Here are some great sexy gift ideas for your boyfriend this Valentine’s Day.

Scented candles

Create a sexy ambiance with perfumed candles. There are lots of options that you can try to make the moment extra sexy for the man. Sexy sometimes is a state of mind and no better way to appeal to the particular senses. Light up some candles and also have some mood lighting in the space. Let him relax and allow him in order to feel the moment. When he is relaxed you can start massaging him to finish the particular mood that you started with the use of perfumed candles.

Massage oil

Make him go crazy using a great and sensual massage. Get some massage oil and learn a thing or two about massage. When you are up to the task, possess him relax and allow you to perform your thing. Some massage oils are scented. This will add up to the sensation as an alternative to scented candles that may be dangerous due to the flame in certain situations. Smoke coming from the candles may trigger the particular smoke detectors that may ruin the minute for the both of you.

Chocolate viscous, thick treacle and some whipped cream

Whip up some cream and have some chocolate lying around. Chocolates have chemicals that are able to make their mood fascinating and more special. Use the whip cream in naughty situations that you can think about. You will definitely blow your man’s thoughts with the exquisite use of these foods to lead a very sexy night time.


There is no object in the world that spells kinky than a blindfold. Get a sexy-looking blindfold and put it on him. Start with an excellent massage and proceed from there. Take control of your man by shutting away from his sense of sight and let his other senses gather the steam of your romance. Definitely he will be waking up in the morning as a happy camper.


Not for him though; but for you. Pick the sexiest lingerie that you could pick and then wear it on Valentine’s Day. Make yourself an eye candy along with very sexy lingerie. Men are that are stimulated by the things they see. Seeing their wife or sweetheart in a sexy outfit will surely launch fireworks from the belly. Whether all of us admit it or not, men discover lingerie hook, line and sinker.

Edible undies

Show up at his place of work wearing ready-to-eat underwear underneath a trench coat. Because people go out for lunch surreptitiously take the edible underwear. Give it to him as a present and tell him he can have it, literally, for lunch. You will find two possible scenarios that will occur after: one he will freak out or even two he will laugh his stomach out knowing that you made a very sexy effort to make this Valentine’s Day a memorable one.

4 Responses to “Sexy Stuff To Give Your Boyfriend On Valentines”

  • Rishabh Bajpai:

    My boyfriends 15 and we have been going out for nearly a month he’s into xbox and stuff it also can’t cost too much please help websites shops anything I’m from uk

  • ConfusionnaJob:

    I’ve only been dating him for a month. And i don’t really know that much about him. I really like to make stuff and i was thinking about making him something, but i don’t know what. Like I said, i really don’t know that much about him, so it’ll have to be something kind of generic i guess. But i still want it to be nice and heart felt and stuff. Please don’t tell me to buy sexy lingerie or something like that, cause our relationship isn’t like that. I want to get him an actual present that he can unwrap. Thanks :)
    We’re both in college btw. I don know if that makes a difference, but i thought our age might help

  • Milk84:

    ok i want to get my boyfriend something for valentines day.
    but he doesn’t feel right taking something (being the male in the relationship) from his girlfriend and he says he’s supposed to be giving me the present.
    but he takes stuff from everyone and obviously he’d appreciate a gift but just can’t take it from me.
    what can i give him? maybe with more sentimental value than financial value, to make it easier to take too.

  • PIE BOY:

    If you saw my last question and now this one, you’re probably wondering why I’m asking this one now. Truth is, I’m never going to break up with him. I’m just going to let him know how I feel and let him know how much he’s really hurting me and if he doesn’t understand that then we will figure something else out. We’re too strong to end it. We got through it once and we’ll easily do it again. This usually happens around our yearly anniversaries so I’m praying it’ll all be over.

    Anyway. Valentines Day is in a week, his birthday is on the 21st Feb and our anniversary is on he 25th Feb.

    For Valentines Day I was thinking if I engraved two dog tags. One that says “To Infinity” and the other saying “And Beyond”. Is that a good idea? Also I was thinking of framing a photo of us both OR getting a massive frame and putting all our photos in it.

    For his birthday I was thinking about getting him the Alex Ferguson autobiography as he’s been saying he really wants it. Then I was thinking instead of another present we could just go out and do something.

    For our anniversary I have made him a DVD of all our favorite moments with our songs and then I was going to get a scrapbook and put all photos in there, but if I’m going to do the frame thing, there’s no point.

    I don’t have a lot of money to spend so I’m looking for something he’ll love but that isn’t too costly either. I know he’ll wanna go out for them three days too so I have to save money for that.

    It breaks my heart knowing I can’t spoil him but I really do want to make him the happiest boy in the world.

    Please help me? I’m really stuck for ideas

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