Exactly how Successful Is Alternative Health Treatment?

by kiki

How Successful Is Alternative Wellness Therapy?

More and more option health treatments are available these days, nevertheless how successful are they in solving our health problems. In this article I talk about this subject, I hope you find it interesting and enjoyable to read.

A few years ago my girlfriend was having some trouble along with her health, she complained associated with constant aches in various areas of her body. She felt lethargic and generally low. She went to the doctor and tried conventional treatments and tablets. This unfortunately did not remedy the situation and she became more and more disappointed.

A friend recommended reflexology and despite many reservations and doubts my girlfriend agreed to give it a go. She returned from her visit full of excitement and stated that will she had never felt more relaxed. Now this is not to say that reflexology will work for everyone but her encounter was very positive.

With this positive outcome my girlfriend became more open to alternative therapy and then decided to attend an aromatherapy appointment. She really enjoyed it and is now looking into other remedies such as reiki and things like an indian head massage, she is getting hooked.

As for my very own experiences, I am somebody who a new speech impediment known as a stutter in the age of four. My parents regularly required to traditional speech therapy on the next eleven years. The recommendation from what I remember was two fold, firstly they advised me to consider a deep breath before speaking and secondly to speak slower. I had no confidence with these practitioners as a lot of my friends spoke quicker than I did and not one of them had taken a deep breath before these people spoke. They also had never a new stutter themselves and therefore I felt it was impossible for them to understand what I was going through.

After working very hard for nearly year I managed to overcome my stutter. I did this particular by reading many books to do with positive thinking and mind over a matter as well as studying people who I thought were very good at talking. This was my own form of alternative therapy and yes it worked for me.

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  • _marky_mark_:

    Some obscure massage therapist/New Age quack came up w/ the diagnosis that she may have sclerosis, and as a rational proponent of modern medicine, I advise her to see a doc so they can run some tests or do some scans to see if she has any blockages or whatever, but no, my gf is instead going to rely on “White light healing energy” as performed through this massage therapist. Take note, light herein isn’t the same light you and I may be familiar with as electromagnetic radiation. Attempts to tell her this New age world view is crap are met with vigorous defense. I think we’re **drifting apart**. What the hell is wrong with these New Age folks? Why are they so open-minded that all their critical thinking faculties are dried up?
    Nameless: Just like the people claiming the earth is only 6k yrs old and those claiming it’s over 4 billion yrs old have equally valid perspectives right? No, your New Age perspective is bullshit. I’m not being arrogant if I’m right.
    mtheory, that was a very comprehensive answer, thanks. I’m concerned for her well being and the well being of our future children. I’m not comfortable starting a family with someone who is so open-minded to such types of “alternative medicines,” someone who actually believes in their superiority to decades of amassed, tested, and proven medical knowledge, then gets overly defensive when these views are challenged. I envision she’ll end up putting herself or my kid in danger because of her scientific ignorance so I made the decision that we part ways. It’s only a matter of time before she tries to use White Light to heal a kid with a bacterial or virus infection. She’s extremely pleasing aesthetically, which makes the decision to let her go even harder, but I feel it’s ultimately the right decision.

  • Jesse:

    I am 27 and have been severely depressed for over 10 years…….please help…….

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