Divorce Advice, Where Can You Turn?

by vill3r

Divorce Advice, Where Can You Turn?

Divorce is such a nasty issue and people should hate the destruction and harm that it does in order to everyone involved. The problem is that actually people that hate it become sufferers of it inevitably. So there needs to be a source of divorce advice for people who are not using it selfishly as a way to “ legitimately” escape a relationship to get purely selfish reasons. Reasons like desiring more sexual conquest, or even escape from something hard like a terminal illness in a spouse, or even bad financial luck in a spouse, or simply lack of loyalty, and unwillingness to put in the effort that the normal effort that a relationship takes.

People should not be rewarded for pettiness, selfishness, greed, shallow hearts, apathy, lust, deceit, and on and on. As a result there needs to be divorce advice to get both holding these people accountable as well as for protecting the people that are victimized by cruelty of some. At this time guidance that does these things is sadly very rare, and this is part of the reason why divorce is so rampant in today’ s society.

Whenever you think of victims most of the time your mind photos a poor helpless middle-aged mother who has been abandoned by an evil “ player” husband for a young and less “ used” woman. This victim chose out of like and loyalty to forgo the chance to better herself with an education and career to love and raise youngsters and bears the scars of this sacrifice literally and figuratively. Whilst these scars of sacrifice ought to make her more sexy to a man who can see and determine what a gift to him they are, they do just the opposite, and he takes off. This is common and these women need great sound divorce advice for safety and to preserve their future.

Presently however this is becoming much less typical now the opposite is true. The man who is loyal and working hard to raise his kids and provide for their family is the unattractive and uninteresting one who gets dropped like a poor habit for a more exciting and dangerous man. These men, as this is a relatively new phenomena permitted in large part by the women’ s liberation movement (which had its great points, don’ t get me wrong), are in desperate need great divorce advice because they find it tougher to convince judges of their plight.

The good news is that good separation and divorce is there to find for whatever situation you may find yourself in. It is progressively more common too as the demand gets greater sadly. So there is wish you just need to do your homework and you may recover from this terrible time.

6 Responses to “Divorce Advice, Where Can You Turn?”

  • Mak Sultan:

    I’m a 13 year old boy. My mother discovered that my father is cheating on her and she demands a divorce due to this. I’m the only child in my family, I love my life. I went to a good high school, I have good friends and a perfect life. Now that went down the drains. I’m tearing up already. My mother implied that I can NEVER see my father again until I turn 18. My mother is taking me to another country and buying another house there. I don’t know how I should take this. Can any of you please offer advice on what I should do? I’m sorry if this question has been repeatedly asked, but I really wanted to get this off my mind. Thank you.
    I lived here for all my life. I really don’t want to go to a foreign country where I don’t know anyone. A lot of family friends and my uncle and his family resides here. My life feels ruined :( I don’t want to leave this place, the place where I call Home. I can’t talk my parents out of this, my mother hates my dad now. They’ve been married for 20+ years and he just betrayed her like that.. I’m frightened and depressed. I honestly don’t know what I should do.

  • mike s:

    Separated 2 1/2 months ago after 12 years and it now looks like I will be divorced. Need advice on re-entering the dating and relationship world. ANy advice will be appreciated.

  • Random:

    So my friend told me that her parents might get a divorce because her dad treats her mom like shit.
    Honestly, I have never gave advice to these kinds of serious situations. What should I tell her?

  • kiltakblog:

    Whom do u turn to for advice? U’r parents, u’r elder siblings, ur friends, relatives or somebody else? Why do u turn 2 dat person when u need advice? Come on with ur answers & please, I need details. Thanx!! ; )

  • Mathew:

    In a nutshell… I’m really attracted to a coworker of mine. We work in the same firm and he’s a very handsome, tall, earnest type of guy, and he has a great body. He’s always saying things “why is a woman so beautiful as me is single” and “when you and I going out?. I know it’s a really cheesy line that guys use all the time but I feel like a silly school girl with a crush of this guy. Also we shouldn’t flirt with each other because we work together.

    I’m 26 and he’s 32 with a son and he got divorced about a year and a half ago. I honestly think he’s interested in me too because of his body language. I really would love to go out with him.

    Just an opinion question, what would you do in my situation?

  • Gabriel Kenney:

    i do.
    and its happening again..
    my mom is a amazing person. it just turns out the guy i called my dad for a long time, her second husband, is into porn.. he got fired because of it..
    that among other things led to a hasty divorce. it’s been two weeks.

    now i’m not asking for your sympathy, i’m just asking for advice.
    what are some things i can do to:
    -take my mind off it
    -help my single/employed mother
    -tell my friends the news in a non dramatic way

    thanks : )
    (p.s. this divorice isn’t my real dad, in case you didn’t catch that)
    maybe if you don’t have divoriced parents, star if you sympathize?

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